This is a detailed 3 Week Diet Plan by Brian Flatt ebook review. Here, you will find thorough information regarding the program, how it works and how it can make you lose the extra pounds in a month.

Some people have the tendency to gain weight immediately, while others struggle to put on some extra meat. Sometimes all you need is proper guidance to help you through and the 3 Week Diet Plan is the perfect choice for that. This review will help you learn about the requirements and procedures of this product.

The 3 Week Diet Plan is a revolutionary weight-loss program designed by a famous health coach and nutritionist, Brian Flatt. His 96-page guide contains the secrets of research on food and supplements. He has been a health coach for 13 years. During these years, he has helped thousands of people choose the best lifestyle for them in order to bring change in their lives. A health coach knows about dietary theories and lifestyle-changing techniques. This is why he can recommend better nutritional advice to people because he knows what works for different types of bodies.

People can quickly reduce their weight in 3 weeks if they follow the guidelines given in the manuals and food plans recommended by Brian. Food secrets recommended by him are not harmful. He has been suggesting them for years. His secret methods induce safe and natural weight loss.

He recommends different types of food for different kinds of bodies. The food recommended by him for a particular body type gives signals to the body to start burning fat. It creates a sense of starvation, due to which the stored body fat is consumed to provide energy to the liver, heart and other organs of the body. People can lose 12 to 23 pounds in three weeks. His starvation diet plan gives good results to both men and women.

Brian has designed this program for people who live a busy and sedentary life. He knows that it is very difficult for such people to carve out time for workout plans. He has given scientifically proven techniques in his manuals.


The 3 Week Diet Program

Brian tells us four necessary steps to achieve the desired result.

First Step – Liver Detoxification

He recommends vitamins A, D and C for liver detoxification. He has found that vitamin intake increases insulin sensitivity and enhances adrenal function. These activities help in the fat burning process. He has also listed 17 vegetables and protein sources for a person to lose weight. The process should be carried out for seven days. It results in a reduction of 10-15 pounds of weight.

Second Step – 24-Hour Fasting

Brian recommends a 24-hour fast after the completion of the first stage. Fasting should start from the last meal of the 7th day and end with the dinner on the 8th day. Fasting is done to clean the body and liver and helps burn fat efficiently. One can break the fast on the 8th with anything.

Third Step – Fat Fasting

Brian recommends fat fasting on the 9th, 10th and 11th day. This technique speeds up the fat burning process. During a fat fast, a person has to consume 1000-1200 calories per day and 80% to 90% of these calories should come from fat. This technique tells a body to burn fat and not the body.

Fourth Step – Consume Calories Based on BMR

Brian recommends that from the 12th to 21st day, the person should consume calories based on their BMR. He has given guidelines to determine the BMR. If a person follows these directions, he can achieve the result quickly.

Overview of Techniques and Concepts Taught in the Course

People who want to achieve good results should study the manuals written by Brian carefully. He has divided the guide into four sections so that people can understand the steps correctly. These four categories are as follows.

Introduction Manual

Brian has explained the science of weight loss in 43 pages. There he describes in detail how and what causes the body to start burning stored fat. The next topic is what people should do to get rid of fats. Finally, there is a clear explaination why they need three weeks to reach their weight loss target.

The introduction section also tells people about supplements that speed up the weight loss process. Brian tells us in this section how these supplements work to burn fat and increase metabolism. We all know about the different types of vitamins, but we don’t know how they affect the body in different combinations.

3 Week Diet Manual Plan

This section explains to people how they can make their own diet plans. In order to create a personal diet plan, a person must know his Basal Metabolic Rate and fat percentage. This information tells a person how much calories he needs to burn. Brian explains how much food is required, what types of food are needed and how should they be taken to hasten the fat burning process. The timing of food intake is also essential for achieving the desired weight loss goals.

Workout Manual

There is no doubt that the Diet Manual gives every tip for the perfect weight-loss program, but a person can speed up his fat burning process by adopting a workout plan. Brian has developed exercise programs for people who cannot go to gyms regularly. A person can supplement his Weight Loss Program by doing workouts for 20 minutes a day for 4-5 days a week. He has also devised a gym workout plan.
Mindset and Motivational Manual

We all know that we cannot bring a change into our life unless we change our mindset. Brian tells us how we can remain motivated to accomplish our goals. He offers motivational tips, tricks, tools, and techniques.

Mindset and Motivational Manual

We all know that we cannot bring a change into our life unless we change our mindset. Brian tells us how we can remain motivated to accomplish our goals. He offers motivational tips, tricks, tools, and techniques.

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